Prayer from MOPH National Chaplain Herman Keizer

Eternal God, we come before you with sorrow in our hearts for the people who are suffering from natural evil and moral evil. The tragedy of the moral evil done in Los Vegas with the mass shooting has shocked the nation and made many speechless. We pray for the families and friends of those killed and those wounded in this criminal act. We pray for the wounded and those traumatized by the shooting. We thank you for the quick action of the first responders – police and firemen – and the medical personnel who quickly reported to help. For all those in long lines waiting to give their blood for the wounded. Father, bless all involved. You know their needs, so we ask you to do what is needed.

We continue to grieve for those whose homes and possessions have been ruined by the Hurricanes that hit our country. We thank you that those members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart who have been assisted by our leadership and membership. We ask that you to be with them as they continue to recover and restore order in their neighborhoods, their lives and in the lives of their families.

We especially pray for those in the Florida Keys, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico as they have experienced the most devastation and need the most help to restore their lives. We pray that the General Officer and the military members involved in the cleanup and the logistics of getting food, water, and medical assistance to the citizens of these areas. We pray for the governor and mayors who are working hard to deliver help and hope to people in their areas.

We say a special prayer for our President as he prepares to travel to both areas in the next two days. Give him wisdom and compassion for all those who look to him for leadership. Help all to keep political advantage seeking out of the efforts to help recovery. Help those who advise the President to be candid and honest with him so he can deliver the most help to those in need. The distance to the islands takes time to get the needed resources to these hard to get to places. Bless all those who are helping and those needing help to be patient in these times when hunger, thirst, and disease make them feel a sense of urgency. You have told us that tribulations make for patience. May that be true for all of us.

In your name we pray, Amen.

Yours In Patriotism,
Herman Keizer
MOPH National Chaplain

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